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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the Survival server.

2017-11-19 at 9:00:03
Walk 226.305 meters
2017-11-19 at 9:00:02
Cold Hater
Create 20 furnaces
2017-11-19 at 8:00:03
Experienced Man
Gain 500 experience points in your lifetime
2017-11-19 at 7:30:03
Place 10.000 blocks
2017-11-19 at 7:30:03
Walk 42.195 meters
2017-11-19 at 7:00:03
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-11-19 at 6:30:02
Collect 10 of each sapling type
2017-11-19 at 6:00:02
Fragile Strength
Collect a stack of obsidian
2017-11-19 at 5:30:03
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2017-11-19 at 4:00:03
Daytime Player
Be online for at least 24 hours
2017-11-19 at 2:30:02
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-11-19 at 2:30:02
Travel through a portal 500 times
2017-11-19 at 2:00:02
Radiation Glow
Place 10 glowstone blocks
2017-11-19 at 1:30:02
Pick up 2500 units of regular sand from the ground
2017-11-19 at 1:30:02
Dry Dry Land
Pick up 200 units of regular sand from the ground
2017-11-19 at 0:00:03
Loose Belt
Drop your iron pants... twice
2017-11-17 at 23:30:02
Diamonds Are Shiny
Break a stack worth of diamond ore
2017-11-17 at 22:30:02
Find a natural diamond
2017-11-17 at 9:30:02
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2017-11-17 at 0:00:04
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2017-11-17 at 0:00:04
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2017-11-16 at 23:30:02
Frequent Visitor
Login at least 30 times
2017-11-16 at 22:00:03
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2017-11-14 at 9:30:03
Experienced Man
Gain 500 experience points in your lifetime
2017-11-14 at 9:30:02
Find a natural diamond


Seasonal event for June: Race Away, plus new UHC!

Posted by Doctacosa on June 2, 2017 at 2:54 [Link]

How confident are you in your legs?

For the seasonal event of June, you'll be tasked with a brand new challenge: Race Away! As far as you can! And leave others in the dust!

The challenge is to get to the highest X value, by heading East, on the Seasonal server. You're free to head in other directions, but your final score will be determined by your highest X coordinate alone! Brave this new landscape and see how far you can reach. There is no world border! As mentioned, the entire event takes place on the Seasonal server, available from Central's TransHub.

To keep people in a competitive spirit, a network-wide announcement will appear whenever someone crosses a new multiple of 5000 blocks. Keep an eye on the competition to make sure you stay at the front!

To add a bit of challenge, beds will NOT set your spawn point. If you die, you'll be sent back to the very beginning. Tread carefully! You can still use them to sleep, of course. Additionally, the Nether has been disabled for obvious reasons. Added: I completely forgot to mention, horses have been removed as well to even out the playing field.


Get to the highest X coordinate that you can on the Seasonal server. That's it! The top three people to make it the farthest will be the winners. If you die or backtrack, your highest position will be saved and used as the final result. The inventory in Seasonal is separate, so you can't bring anything: you'll have to craft your materials right on site.

The contest begins NOW and ends on the 30 June at 23:59, Eastern time!


The top three winners will earn Merit Points based on their position: 50, 30 and 15 points respectively for the first, second and third place. Everyone who participates will get one as well.

This, alongside the new UHC map, is the last chance to get Merit Points for this cycle! The top three players on the leaderboard will be getting something, along with a random person chosen from the remaining entrants. This is still in reach of many people! To get an idea of the prizes available, you can look at last year's related news - most of the same items are available!

Good luck!

Yes, I'm aware that the boat contest results still haven't been announced. Sometimes, real life has original ways to break plans that seemed solid at first. This hasn't been forgotten, and will be announced when ready. Thank you for your patience!

To add to this, a new monthly round of UHC is available! Accessible directly from the lobby as always, this new map features a smaller location with sights that will either make you smile or hide in fear. Steel yourselves, for the challenge could be rough! This round of UHC, along with the Race Away event, is your last chance to score Merit Points for this cycle.

Besides surviving, there are four specific targets to reach every month, when possible, each worth 5 Merit Points:

- Crafting a bookshelf
- Crafting an enchantment table
- Access the Nether
- Pick up a blaze rod

Best of luck to all!


I love this. And I love the map. Doc, you should consider saving this world file and trimming the map to keep a small central spawn point. Then, have races in the other directions one at a time, with different rules.

- Beds set your spawn

- All Night, Never Day

- Team play (Average of the 2 people on your team)

The players' reaction to this has been pretty fun to see, I'm definitely considering future runs with different rules!

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