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2017-08-17 at 19:30:03
Walk 226.305 meters
2017-08-13 at 23:30:04
Frequent Visitor
Login at least 30 times
2017-08-13 at 2:30:04
Dry Dry Land
Pick up 200 units of regular sand from the ground
2017-08-12 at 22:00:08
Richest Duck
Find Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin
2017-08-12 at 20:30:03
Titanic Captain
Ride 10 kilometers in a boat
2017-08-12 at 20:00:05
It Tickles!!
Get hurt by cacti
2017-08-12 at 19:30:02
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2017-08-12 at 17:00:04
Winter Wonderland
Pick up 500 snow balls
2017-08-12 at 1:30:04
Break 10.000 blocks
2017-08-12 at 1:00:03
Show Off
Place a diamond block somewhere
2017-08-11 at 5:30:04
Night Time Player
Be online for at least 96 hours
2017-08-10 at 19:00:05
Experienced Man
Gain 500 experience points in your lifetime
2017-08-10 at 5:30:03
Die from falling 5 times
2017-08-10 at 4:30:03
Walk 42.195 meters
2017-08-08 at 19:30:04
Travel through a portal 500 times
2017-08-08 at 19:00:03
Diamonds Are Shiny
Break a stack worth of diamond ore
2017-08-08 at 16:00:07
Distant Journey
Go visit the settlement of Plymouth Rock
2017-08-08 at 16:00:04
Find a natural diamond
2017-08-08 at 1:30:04
Daytime Player
Be online for at least 24 hours
2017-08-08 at 1:00:05
All Time Player
Be online for at least 10 days
2017-08-08 at 0:00:54
All Time Player
Be online for at least 10 days
2017-08-06 at 12:00:03
Kill an Iron Golem
2017-08-06 at 6:30:03
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2017-08-06 at 2:30:04
Nature's Obliterator
Deal 50.000 points of damage
2017-08-05 at 22:30:03
Find an elytra

Contest results!

This page presents all the entries received during the fancy houses contest, which took place on the Creeper's Lab from May 31st to June 15th 2013. This all happened within the new development called Oak Hills. The entries are listed below from the highest to the lowest score.

Three judges, Dr. Cossack, Sphenicus and WindRider739 evaluated each house on a note from 0 to 10. Criteras included how well the building followed the given theme, how realistic it looked, and the attention to details inside and outside. Additionally, Dr. Cossack and WindRider739 provided comments to explain how each house was rated.

Texasmassacre: 8.33 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Very clever, efficient design that doesn't waste a single block of space available. The street-facing redstone clock is an extremely nice touch, and the build makes use of some blocks, like gravel and nether quartz ore, that no one usually touches.

WindRider739: I love this house, but as with many of the contestants here, it's severely hindered by the lt size. The modern form is something most people won't touch on minecraft, but you've done it very well. The attention to detail is great.

Anonymous_SoFar: 8.17 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: This house shows very well how all the quartz variations can be blended together to create a rich, varied look. The main living / gaming room looks nicely detailed. Also, trains.

WindRider739: Outstanding design, but all the white blurs together. Great furnishings all around, and I especially love the kegs and trainset in the basement. The signs feel like a reach, but I LOVE the vines on the porch.

Phrogie: 8 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: I like the multiple rooms made on the second floor, and the skylight in the master bedroom is a clever one.

WindRider739: Outstanding interior decoration and great shape. The only downside being that the nether brick and iron bars together make it look more like a small castle than a house.

dsfauth: 7.5 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: The house is small, but the yard is nice, much like how a family would use it to grow some vegetables.

WindRider739: Outstanding modern design and incredible use of quartz and torches inside. The brick and dark wood work very well together, but unfortunately it feels a little cramped. Also, minus 11 points for the Sweet Home Alabama sign.

cannonfire40: 6.83 / 10

Dr. Cossack: Nice, large design with a lot of nice-looking woodwork. I like how roomy the three levels look, and the clear appearance of the master bedrock. I can't help but feel like there's a bit of a wasted opportunity with the large walls and high ceilings, though.

WindRider739: Amazing design and great but simple yard design. It feels a little cramped, but overall the interior is aces as well. The contrast of simple design inside and extravagant detail outside is a great touch.

MaximumRose: 6.67 / 10

Dr. Cossack: Compact, nice design that wastes no space. The above bedroom would be terrible with small children, but I'd like to own one similar to that. It gives an impression of being roomy without being huge.

WindRider739: Definetly sticks to the fancy house scheme, and is definetly the most realistic of the houses. Combines the modern with the retro, and all in all has an outstanding feel inside and out. That said, it isn't anything special, especially when compared to many of the other houses on the contest, which is surprising given her history.

AshaLina: 6.67 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: I like the modern look given to the building, that's not seen very often. The personal quarters are small but well organized.

WindRider739: Great sandstone construction and modern design. The inside is well laid out as well but feels very barren.

PhantomLesMis: 6.67 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Nice structure and open rooms, but it doesn't look very lived in. A few flowers, or a frame or two would have made a good difference!

WindRider739: Outstanding design overall with a very homey interior and a cozy Bed and Breakfast feel. While the interior is easily a 9 I felt like the outside was a bit uninspired, and the marbling of textures on the roof took away from it.

muffins303: 6.33 / 10

Dr. Cossack: I like the tower and the cozy living room, it's got some nice furniture. Where's a bed to sleep, though?

WindRider739: Great architectural design, love the detail of not only having a garage but having it furnished. The landscaping is amazing; I love the little gardens and fountain. Unfortunately the tower feels barren and the stairwell is clumsy looking and potentially hazardous.

FigsNewton: 6.33 / 10

Dr. Cossack: Unique asian flair, I especially like the garden at the back. Unfortunately, I need to penalize the construction as the wall overhangs above the sidewalks, thus going outside of the lot's limits.

WindRider739: Amazing design, but in a 20x20 area, it feels cramped. The inside is barren, and the roof extends 2 blocks beyond the border on all sides. I'd love to see this recreated somewhere with more room.

rymc97: 5.83 / 10

Dr. Cossack: I like the split level approach, which feels especially appropriate for the lot's location. While having a lot of wood inside can add a rich touch, some more variety would have been appreciated as many of the rooms look too similar and somewhat empty.

WindRider739: Theres an incredible amount of untapped potential here. The lawn is too bare. The house has a simple but elegant design, and I love the split level bit. Unfortunately, it feels so incredibly bare. Architectually however, this is my favorite house.

Orist501: 5.67 / 10

Dr. Cossack: Small and efficient, with an outside look reminiscent of a 50s movie theater! I like how the lights can be switched on and off.

WindRider739: What's there is amazing, it really is. It's homey, it's extravagant but not in a gaudy way, it's gorgeous. Unfortunately, aside from being a big living / bedroom, there's not much to it. The roof also makes it look more like a church than a house from the outside.

iKatze: 5.5 / 10

Dr. Cossack: PARTY HOUSE! Super fun design, but I'm afraid that the outside misses the mark on the "fancy" theme! I'm surprised at how much could fit in the small space.

Salifax: 5 / 10

Dr. Cossack: I like the wide, open entrance, although it provides little privacy to the "bedroom". The pit underneath looks like a place where you'd sacrifice heatens.

WindRider739: Feels more like a cathedral or fortress than a fancy house. Incomplete. Barren. Looks like it'll be pretty when it's done, though.

frogdeck1: 5 / 10
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: The multitude of sheep on the ground floor makes the building look more like a live-in farm than a genuine fancy house. The deep basement looks like something that'd belong to a Bond villain!

WindRider739: I don't even know what this is. The waterfall entrance could have been cool, but the rest is just... I don't know.

Warbrain11: 2.67 / 10

Dr. Cossack: It's very barren, with cold stone everywhere, small rooms and no furniture. Unfinished, perhaps?

WindRider739: Unfinished. Unfurnished.

AlphaSniper: 2 / 10

Dr. Cossack: The chandelier looks good, and I like the shower! Next time, try adding something on the ground floor too!

WindRider739: Good job!

freekmn: 1 / 10

Dr. Cossack: Very square house. Needs a roof. And walls. And rooms.

WindRider739: It's a box?

xner1: 1 / 10

Dr. Cossack: One point for having half a roof?

zak1010: 0.5 / 10

Dr. Cossack: Thanks for trying!

WindRider739: That hole is nice and square.

Two buildings were also made by two of the judges. Those obviously were not in the running, but are listed anyway to round up the work done in Oak Hills.

Dr. Cossack
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Best house ever.

WindRider739: Succumb to the will of the trailer.


Dr. Cossack: Go away from our nice town you hillbilly!

WindRider739: Best. House. Ever.