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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the Survival server.

2016-12-07 at 16:00:03
Defeat 5 mobs using a Thorns-imbued armor
2016-12-07 at 15:30:03
Pick up 2500 units of regular sand from the ground
2016-12-07 at 10:30:03
Find an elytra
2016-12-07 at 7:00:04
Food please!
2016-12-07 at 7:00:03
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2016-12-07 at 7:00:03
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2016-12-07 at 6:30:04
Food please!
2016-12-07 at 6:00:04
Soylent Whatever
Get poisoned way too much
2016-12-07 at 6:00:03
House Warming
Craft two stacks of coal blocks
2016-12-07 at 6:00:03
Tau'ri Travel
Travel through portals 100 times
2016-12-07 at 6:00:03
Create 10 different maps
2016-12-07 at 5:30:06
Baby Steps
Find two very early milestones by DrCossack
2016-12-07 at 5:30:06
Baby Steps
Find two very early milestones by DrCossack
2016-12-07 at 5:00:03
Grand Decorator
Place 5000 wool blocks
2016-12-07 at 3:30:03
Welcome Aboard!
Join the server
2016-12-07 at 2:30:06
Medieval Knight
Assemble a full set of chainmail armor
2016-12-07 at 2:30:06
Music Collector
Get one copy of each music disk
2016-12-07 at 1:30:06
Medieval Knight
Assemble a full set of chainmail armor
2016-12-07 at 1:30:04
Jedi Master
Kill 10 ghasts with their own fireballs
2016-12-07 at 1:00:03
Kill 20 bats
2016-12-07 at 0:30:04
Travel through a portal 500 times
2016-12-07 at 0:00:04
Mommy, It Burns!
Take 100 points of damage from lava
2016-12-07 at 0:00:04
It Tickles!!
Get hurt by cacti
2016-12-07 at 0:00:04
Burj Khalifa Fall
Get 828 points of falling damage
2016-12-07 at 0:00:03
Winter Wonderland
Pick up 500 snow balls

Welcome to the Creeper's Lab! We have multiple Minecraft servers and an active community, mostly focused on playing Survival mode. We also have special games, events and contests! If you're not already playing with us, please don't hesitate to join. Newcomers welcome!

You don't need to register to quickly join and look around our main survival server, but you will need to in order to play. Register today!


Holiday Huzzah.

Posted by Masterlink on December 5, 2016 at 21:18 [Link]

It seems things have been a bit quiet and complacent lately.... So how about we spice it up a bit this Holiday season?

There's been a lot of new players, and there's a few things they need to learn... As such, this holiday month, I invite you to the renovated Spider Dome this Saturday (December 10th) at 10EST/9CST for a special surprise. Some of you should recognize this, to others, this will be a new and fun experience. I would suggest you come prepared for battle, but that's just my thoughts.

There might be some things to pass around, depending on how many players show up... So I suggest you all try to show up and bring some friends! Never know, it IS the holidays after all.

I thank MediaKlepto and HimochiKouen for their work on the Spider Dome and the current remodel (I encourage you to come see, it's pretty). I hope everyone will attend and enjoy themselves. To get to the Spider Dome, follow your nearest Time Gate or TARDIS to > PVP > Spider Dome.

Get your Christmas card, 2016 edition!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on December 3, 2016 at 17:43 [Link]

And they're back for a fourth year!

For those who don't know, I'm sending for the holidays a real, custom Christmas card in the mail to whoever wants one, anywhere in the world. All you need to do is submit your name and full postal address, including country!

You have two ways to claim yours. Go to Laurasia and visit the holidays park in the Residential District (north from the Community Center). You'll find a giant mailbox in said park. Get a book from it, write your address, then submit it! Alternatively, if you're unable to come on the server, you can enter your mailing address on this special page tied to the forums.

I empty the list of addresses after each year, so be sure to submit your name and address again even if you did so in the past! I also have a limited quantity of cards left over from 2014 and 2015; please include a note if you'd like to receive one of these as a bonus. Note that you can only pick one additional card, not both. The 2016 edition is always included. All cards will be shipped later this month!

Seasonal contest: Ice castles!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on December 2, 2016 at 1:03 [Link]

It's time for our next seasonal event. Your challenge, this time around, will be to build an ICE CASTLE!

GingeKoda sent the idea my way and prepared a building location with Coneva's help. She also took it upon herself to offer to make handmade gifts to our top three winners, so you'll want to enter this one for sure. This will last for the entire month of December plus the holidays period.

Take it away, Ginge!



Kicks off 8pm EST December 1, 2016. Builds must be complete by 1159pm EST Jan 7, 2017.
While the intent is for your structure to represent a castle, you are not bound to a traditional definition; you are encouraged to be creative in defining your own "castle". The majority of the exterior structure must be ice and snow. Glass, Iron and Quartz may be used for decorative additions. The interior may be designed and decorated as the builder sees fit, however anything contained within that is not made from the prescribed material must NOT be visible from the outside. Additionally, as ice and snow hide many things, so too will your castle. Somewhere within your structure is hidden a secret... But not so hidden or so secret that the judges can't find it or don't acknowledge it as your secret.
To assist with this limited material challenge, select materials will be provided to the first three builders to arrive at the site, no earlier than 8 pm EST 1 Dec.
Because it's the holidays, and we are feeling generous, small gifts will be given throughout the contest to all builders, so stay active.
Entries will be judged on: use of prescribed material and creativity.
Top three winners will receive merit points, and a custom crafted replica of their MC mini as either a paperweight, keychain or note holder.
So travel to island Iscapades; can be found by taking the Northern rail from Nether Central to Lily Keep, then switch to rail "Coneva does testifiscience". Upon arrival topside, travel south down the frozen river and take a boat south to the island entrance, you will see it. Select an area within the walls (no larger than 25x25 please) mark it with your sign and GOOD LUCK.

If you are interested in judging, and not building, PM GingeKoda.

UHC round 4!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on December 1, 2016 at 23:35 [Link]

Dear Diary,

I thought that I would be safe after escaping from The Disaster. Unfortunately, there's no such luck in this wretched world of today.

Like many others, I barely made it out of Stone Ville. We immediately banded together as a group, no matter what our origins or stories were. We were alive, we needed to survive, and that was enough for us. We walked away, walked and walked... so much walking. I didn't know feet could endure this much. Still, we needed to get far, find something new.

The storm hit without warning. We had been forced to set camp in the middle of everlasting plains, far from the protection of any trees or mountains. It turned into such a mess. Winds with the strength of the Gods ripped through our poor fabrics, and the thunder was so loud and frequent that even shouting didn't allow us to communicate. And the lightning, the lightning... Poor Bob, he never had a chance. He was the first to be stricken, before we could realize what was happening.

Chaos engulfed us, primitive instincts guiding us. Everyone took off running, grabbing whatever limited supplies they could. When the skies finally cleared, after what felt like eons, I realized that I was alone. Alone. I must have gotten confused and ran the wrong way. Some of the elders of our group knew of a location called... I don't remember now. It doesn't matter. It was Blood-something. It apparently had safe walls to protect us, to rebuild. This was lost to me, though. So I resumed walking. So much walking. My feet couldn't even hurt anymore.

At last, I found something. A tremendous place, filled with wonders! Was I dreaming? No, I couldn't be. This was it - safety! I reached it at sunset, looking forward to meet its inhabitants, find shelter, get some rest, be reborn! ... If only I had known... I could have avoided this cursed place. For, as the sun set, I realized something with horror: there were no lights. This marvel was getting absolutely, terribly dark, a mirror of how my mind was clouding after that brief feeling of relief. Something had happened here too. I need to find out what it is.

But, wait. What is this noise? Is there anybody there?

Oh no. NO.

They're coming!

They're coming...



UHC round 4 is live! Best of luck to everyone involved!

I wanted to set up specific rewards in Merit Points for completing specific objectives, like managing to kill other players, but some last minute thoughts make this impractical for now. I'm hoping to be able to flesh that out by next month.

On a related note, an update to the Merit Points system should be published sometime in the coming month. Stay tuned... and good luck!

Misc. corrections

Posted by Dr. Cossack on November 30, 2016 at 23:55 [Link]

Achievements fixes

Some of the achievements weren't working quite right when they were added. Some were identified and fixed quickly, while others took a bit longer. As of tonight, I've reviewed the list and can say that all of them should be running as expected. I had to change three of them to trigger properly; they now read as follows.

Wings!: Find an elytra
Cart Snob: Ride 2 kilometers on a horse
Cart Hater: Ride 50 kilometers on a horse

If you had already scored any of these, you still have them. For anyone else, if you already met the base conditions, you'll automatically score them soon after you connect to any server.

Resource pack updated

The resource packs and addons have been updated for Minecraft 1.11. They contain nothing new, the only change was to remove the warning about incompatible packs. As such, you can redownload them to get rid of the warning, or just carry on with your day.

Forums are back online!

Many of you noticed last week that the forums had been taken offline for several days. This was done to make sure that no messages would be lost during a server transition. This wrapped up last Sunday, and the forums are now back to normal!

All servers now on 1.11!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on November 27, 2016 at 19:34 [Link]

All Minecraft servers have been succesfully upgraded to 1.11, so update your game version today to continue your adventures with us! Please read on for some important changes.

Several configuration changes have been applied for this. Most notably, the new shulker boxes will automatically be locked to private, just like the regular chests. You can /cremove and /cpublic them as you're used to. On a related topic, as it was requested before, all doors and trapdoors will now default to a public protection status when placed, so someone can't lock them away from you. You're free to apply /cremove on them, of course, and then keep them like that or privatise the access completely.

This plugin update had a side effect: due to a bug, iron doors (and iron doors only) no longer open with a right-click. You need to have a pressure plate, lever or button next to them to operate them. Alternatively, if you apply a protection on them (public or private), left-clicking will also work.

Finally, I've temporarily disabled the new game setting that causes mobs to die if packed in a tight space. I'll enable it in two weeks - be sure to fix your farms (iron or otherwise!) before then! The default setting is 25 in a single space; I'm considering setting it to an higher values. Any suggestions as to what you believe would be ideal?

Note that Takao is an exception to all this: as I've indicated at launch, since it's a modded server, it will remain at 1.10.2 indefinitely.

Explore Constantinople, this weekend only!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on November 25, 2016 at 20:44 [Link]

Our resident historian Anonymous_SoFar made a news post last week about the possibility of allowing visitors to explore his single player world of Constantinople. The response was positive, so he has decided to go ahead with that! You'll get the chance to see where many elements from Laurasia's Byzantium (recently voted as one of our Seven Wonders) have been developed, along with a glimpse of what could be added in the future.

However, this is a limited time offer: it's available starting now and will last the weekend only, after which it'll be removed permanently. It's now or never!

You'll find Constantinople available under the Seasonal teleporter in Central. You can explore the city as you see fit, as flying is enabled. You won't be able to edit anything, however. To exit, simply /lobby out then return to Laurasia or whatever destination you wish.

Have a nice weekend!

Follow-up: Wrap up and ways you can help

Posted by Dr. Cossack on November 19, 2016 at 23:49 [Link]

Our seven days of celebrations for the fifth anniversary wrapped up yesterday! As a recap, here are the seven updates that happened:

Day 1: Launch of the racing minigame
Day 2: Reveal of our Seven Wonders
Day 3: Launch of Cimmeria, the starter world
Day 4: Miranda's first anniversary
Day 5: Launch of the parkour minigame
Day 6: Addition of 50 achievements
Day 7: Launch of Takao, the PixelMon modded server

I've had a lot of fun putting all this together, and I hope you've been enjoying the results so far!

This isn't over, of course, as I've got plenty to follow up on. Now that we have a starter world, I want to change the way we advertise the Creeper's Lab to attract more people. Some relatively minor bugs have been reported during the launch of the races, which I need to review. More parkour courses will be added when they are ready. I'm already mulling on the next steps for the achievements system. The PixelMon server is still a bit primitive and needs more care. And so on...

I'd like to take a moment to remind you that there are multiple ways on how that you can help. Of course, first and simplest, talk about us to your Minecraft-playing friends and gaming communities! We could always do with more friendly faces around here.

You can also vote for us on multiple server lists where we are registered. Voting can be done every day on each site and bumps us up a bit in the listing, helping us get noticed. All of the required links are available on the help page.

Something simple that you can also do is follow us on our various social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.), then like and share our various updates with others. Spread the love!

For those interested in going the extra mile, at the beginning of the summer, I also launched a Patreon campaign to support my various projects with online communities. In exchange for a monthly dollar amount of your choosing, starting as low as $1, you help me cover my fees and encourage me to continue working on this and related projects. In exchange, you get various rewards (including shiny in-game trials, yearly postcards, or even monthly ones) along with the satisfaction of helping the community as a whole. Think of it as a subscription of sorts, one with a price of your choosing, that you can easily cancel at anytime. Of course, I realize that not all of you can do this for multiple reasons, and it's perfectly fine. I appreciate your presence nonetheless. :-) For more information, along with the lis of potential rewards, you can check the summary page on Patreon.

If you'd rather do a one-time monetary contribution, Paypal is also available at all times! You don't even need a Paypal account to use it, simply having a valid credit card is enough.

Thank you for reading, for being here, and let's see what we can do moving forward!

- Dr. Cossack

Day 7: Takao, a PixelMon modded server!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on November 18, 2016 at 22:15 [Link]

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pokemon Day. How many of you have picked up Sun and Moon yet? That's all fine and good, but are you looking for something to complete them? Something a bit more... blocky?

I'm introducing today my first attempt at a Minecraft modded server, featuring PixelMon - play Pokemon within Minecraft! Budding trainers will be exploring the new region of Takao (map). There are a total of 429 different critters that can be found and collected at this point.

I must say that this setup is more primitive than I wanted it to. It has taken a lot of time to get to this point, yet it'll need more attention before it gets to the level I want it to be. Some key components are already in:
- DynMap (server map)
- Home and area protections (by staff)
- Global chat link-up (+ IRC integration)

Note that chests are NOT locked by default in there, so protect your stuff accordingly. The world itself is mostly untouched, so everything needs to be done. Wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? To catch them is your real test? You want to travel across the land to fill up your Pokedex? Then get busy!

One important thing to note: basically the entire mode runs separately to everything else we've had so far. Updates are separate, plugins are different, the achievements or stats tracking don't apply to Takao, etc, etc. The only thing in common is the IRC link-up so you can chat with everyone else, and that Creeper's Lab touch you've come to love.


There are several key gameplay differences to vanilla Minecraft. Of course, you can find and battle Pokemon, so they're all over the place, spawning differently in each biome. Minecraft's mobs are disabled, so no green explody cucumber to surprise you. The gameplay is still survival, so you need food, and you can freely build structures. The world is seeded with a lot of various new ores and elements, as you can craft your items. Craft Pokeballs? Sure! Build a healing machine? Why not! Find crystals to obtain various effects? Go ahead!

There are multiple NPCs scattered around the world, either to spout standard RPG dialogue or to battle you. Likewise, you can choose to challenge other players at any time by getting close and throwing your Pokemon at them! Villages will often generate with a Pokemon Centre and a Pokemall to heal your critters and let you buy and sell items. Gyms will sometimes appear, or special shrines with rare goodies inside´┐Ż

A world border with a radius of 2000 blocks has been set. Like in any good JRPG, The furthest away you get from the center, the stronger the monsters become. The current maximum level of wild encounters is about 35. The world radius and max levels will be increased over time.

Everything about PixelMon is currently modeled after Generation 5. To avoid stepping on Nintendo's shoes, the team deliberately chose to stay behind a generation. Now that Sun and Moon have been released in most regions, they'll start working toward Gen 6 features and critters.

Future updates

We're currently running the latest beta of PixelMon 5, which is built on top of Minecraft 1.10.2. That means that the latest blocks and gameplay items are available (excluding the recently released 1.11). My plan is to go through the betas then land on whatever stable version is offered.

Note that, this being modded, it's entirely possible that updates will not be doable without a full server reset. That means we might stay on 1.10.2 indefinitely - we'll see for sure if there's an upgrade path as time goes on.

How to access

PixelMon runs fully independently from the rest of the network, so you can't access it from the lobby. Instead, you need to first setup your client by downloading either Forge or the PixelMon launcher (details on this page), then connecting directly to:

Note that this server is whitelisted. If you already did the standard procedure: great, you've got access! There is no visitor mode this time around, so registration is a must.

OMFG modded wat!?

Yes! Consider this a trial run. I fully plan to stay focused on vanilla survival, as we've been doing for the past five years now. I'm adding this as an additional gameplay option not only for the current player base, but to attract new faces as well. We've got a lot of Pokemon fans around, so this felt like a natural option to explore first.

Any questions?

Just ask, I'll be happy to answer them! Be sure to read the installation and update instructions first so you can set yourself to join.

Day 6: 50 more achievements!!

Posted by Dr. Cossack on November 17, 2016 at 23:42 [Link]

You asked, I deliver: there are now 50 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS to hunt down!

As some of you know, we used to have 150 targets, but I was forced to scale it down to 100 after the update to Minecraft 1.8 broke our older stats tracking system. After switching to a new plugin plus coding several new functionalities on my own, I've restored 32 of the missing 50; 18 targets are brand new to this batch! Some of the existing ones have been rebalanced as well.

Some are easy to understand:
DurDurPurPur - Craft a stack of purpur bricks

Others not so much...
Sailor Scout - Defeat an enemy with the power of Love

Lots more player statistics are now tracked compared to before; this required a significant amount of effort, but it means that there are several new possibilities of tracking. We've got 50 achievements added tonight; if you're all good boys and girls, more could be added eventually. ;-) You can view the new set of objectives right here!

Note that I had to develop a new stats plugin from the ground up to track some targets, which means that some of the data is only counted as of NOW. If you already had earned an achievement at some point, it's still yours even if it was hidden for a while. If you were underway, however, some will be restarting from scratch. This is an unfortunately effect of relying on others systems. I've taken to handling part of this on my own to avoid future breakage.

This also marks the return of head drops during PvP battles. You've seen it in action during last Halloween's event, and it's now back in a permanent fashion. Get your collection going, or keep expanding your ongoing one!

Happy hunting!

P.S.: Smitten by God is back. It's tracked by the new plugin, so previous lightning strikes don't count unless you had scored it earlier. Good luck! :-D

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